Pilot testing of the SfR project in Denmark was done on Sejs School of Silkeborg. The course was tested in an 8th grade class of two teachers with subjects in the class as Danish, Social Science, Geography, Biology and English.

Students started making inquiries in the local community. For example, they have studied how much food waste they produced in their own family in a week and they interviewed neighbors about how to support a better community. After the introductory course, students worked in groups where they come up with ideas on how the local area could live more sustainably. During the group work students did interviews and collected questionnaires from local area residents and from the collected empirical data they later on suggested new initiatives in relation to a more sustainable lifestyle in the community. The students’ proposals were presented at a kind of fair where they went in dialogue with parents and other stakeholders in the local area.

Evaluation of the project shows that the students particularly have been aware of that, by themselves, they can make a difference to take care of the environment.

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