Project objectives

The project designed a set of teaching materials approaching environmental education from the point of view of community sustainability and resilience, using Place Based Learning as a holistic and comprehensive methodology. Through this approach, we expect to contribute to the improvement and quality of the educational systems by:

  • Introducing a new approach in sustainability education, based on the role of communities and civic society in response to climate change (transition initiative experiences).
  • Developing a sense of initiative and creativity in the framework of community action, as necessary competence for active citizenship.
  • Reinforcing schools’ links and relationships with the outside world, notably with their communities.
  • Making learning process more relevant to students by tackling one of the most challenging issues for contemporary society: sustainability and climate change
  • Developing skills and key competences by means of an innovative, student-centered methodology (PBL)
  • Learning from local sustainable and resilient experiences across Europe, highlighting the idea of “think global, act local”.