A European Training Seminar on Linking Schools with Communities


This seminar will introduce a new approach in environmental education for schools, development education and Education for Sustainable Development, using a Place Based Learning methodology in the context of climate adaptation and community
sustainability and resilience.

For more information and booking contact Davie Philip at davie@cultivate.ie or +353 (0)505 6061

Information Leaflet

Learn more about community resilience concept

Davie Philips, from CULTIVATE, has elaborated a referenced paper on the concept of community resilience, gathering different definitions and approached used by different authors and institutions. Check it here: Making the case for community resilience

Reference to SfR in the Green European Journal

An article on Education for sustainability includes SfR project as an example of innovative approach on environmental education. The Green European Journal is published by the Green European Foundation


2nd Project Meeting in Port Talbot

From 28th to 30th October partners met in Malgam Park, an educational centre of FSC in Wales. They discuss about the methodology and the model which will frame the teaching plan design.

Check it at: http://www.aranzadi.eus/actualidad/schools-for-resilience-educando-en-sostenibilidad-y-resiliencia-local

Resilience case studies

Here are some links of the resilience case studies we are exploring across Europe to be used in the classroom:

Italy: Piedibus Olginate

Latvia: Ikšķiles Pārmaiņu iniciatīva

Spain: Caminos amigos