Project outputs:

Research Report on PBL (English)

SfR_Methodology_Model (English)

Educational resources on local sustainability and resilience ( English /Castellano /Euskara / Dansk / Latviešu valoda /Italiano )

Making the case for community resilience (referenced paper – English)

A teaching plan for linking schools with local communities ( English /Castellano /Euskara / Dansk / Latviešu valoda /Italiano )

A short guide to adapt the SfR teaching plan ( English /Castellano /Euskara / Dansk / Latviešu valoda /Italiano )


Dissemination materials:

Leaflet: English /Castellano /Euskara / Dansk / Latviešu valoda /Italiano

Newsletter 1: English /Euskara / Dansk /Italiano

Newsletter 2: English /Castellano /Euskara / Dansk / Latviešu valoda /Italiano

Newsletter 3: English /Castellano /EuskaraDansk / Latviešu valoda /Italiano

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